If you are one of those that get an upset tummy every time you eat something that does not suit you, life can be pretty tough. Especially when you are eating out, choosing what’s right for you can be no short of an ordeal.

There are a few foods that you cannot go wrong with when it comes to easy digestion. Below listed are those that you should most definitely include in your diet.


A lot of people, who suffer from Irritable Bowel syndrome, tend to find relief from symptoms when they include probiotics in their diet. A good quality probiotic can help settle things down in the case of a belly flare up.

However, be sure to start slow, as in some case it may worsen symptoms and increase flatulence.

Lemon, ginger and peppermint tea
Ease your tummy with a potent tea made using freshly grated ginger and lemon juice. If you are feeling bloated or you are cramping, you could add some peppermint as well.

Vegetable Juice
If you are feeling sluggish from a heavy meal or some food that you ate, you could ease these issues with a glass of pure vegetable juice. Skip the fruits here.

White Basmati Rice
White basmati rice is easy to break down and digest compared to high fiber brown rice. Basmati rice also has a low glycemic index, and hence will not spike your blood sugar level.

Pumpkin Soup
Food in pureed and cooked form is good for your tummy. In soup form, food is digested better.

Include these foods in your diet, especially when you are feeling sluggish or feel that an onset of IBS is coming on. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopathic Doctor to learn how you can use natural means to cure a troublesome digestives system.