When your blood sugar levels are in check, it automatically ensures that your mood, weight, and even your heart health is in check. While this may be more important for those who suffer from diabetes, keeping blood sugar in check is important for everyone.

There are a host of risks involved for those who suffer from high blood sugar levels, such as diabetes, obesity and susceptibility to heart disease. A few other signs that your blood sugar levels need to be paid attention to include: jitteriness or shakiness, ups and downs in mood and energy and constant hunger.

A few foods that you could choose to avoid if you wish to keep your blood sugar levels in check, include:

Bread – Even Whole-Grain
Bread is mass-produced today, and in this format, it is stripped off all its nutrition content. In any case, bread is not the most nutritious food that you will find out there, it is rocket fuel for blood sugar levels. The starch found in bread, break down extremely quickly in the digestive tract and find their way up through the bloodstream as glucose. Try homemade bread, made using almond meal, or treat yourself to some sweet potato.

Processed Meat
Studies suggest that consuming processed meat, like hot dogs etc. could attribute to type 2 diabetes. Don’t avoid meats altogether, avoid processed meats like sausage and bacon. Try and include plant based proteins in your diet like beans and lentils.

Fat-Free Food
When you pick up food that has a label that says fat free, you automatically assume that it may be good for you, however, a few of them are loaded with sugar, as removing the fat content, makes it less tasty, and sugar does the work of the fat in terms of taste. Consuming a lot of fat free products can send your blood sugar sky high.

Smoking is not good for health, period. However, one must know that smoking can raise your blood sugar level considerably. Something to note, especially when you are a smoker with diabetes. It can lead to a host of complications like heart attack, kidney failure, nerve damage and stroke too.

Refined breakfast cereal, nut milk (store bought variety) and coffee also make it to the list of foods that spike blood sugar levels. Control your diet and keep your blood sugar levels in check.