If you wish to continue enjoying good health, you should learn to include foods in your diet that help build a stronger immune system. There are indeed a number of tasty immunity boosting foods out there that must absolutely be part of your diet.


Probiotics found in yogurt are known to help keep the intestinal tract and gut free of germs that cause diseases. Try and get about 7 ounces of yogurt daily, and you will see a stark improvement in your health, it is more effecting than popping pills.  An optimal amount is of two servings of 6 ounces daily.


Barley and Oats
These amazing grains are known to contain a special type of fiber, beta-glucan which has both antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that are very effective. When animals are exposed to this compound, they are less likely to contract any kind of herpes, influenza and even anthrax. They help boost immunity, they also help heal up the process of healing and they make antibiotics work much better.

Make sure that you get these in at least one of your whole grains servings in a day.

Garlic is known to contain an active ingredient known as allicin, which works towards fighting bacteria and infection. Two raw cloves can do the trick, and you could also make it part of your daily diet by crushing it and putting it in to your food as well through the week.

It is known that people who consume more than 5 cups of black tea in a day, may have a higher amount of virus-fighting interferon in their blood.

Sweet Potatoes, mushrooms and many other foods can make your life truly healthy. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods you should make part of your diet for a truly healthy lifestyle.

You could choose to call upon a Homeopath too would help you find some great herbal and natural remedies for a healthy life.