If you are looking for a smart and simple way that allows you to stay in the pink of healthy, then you should think about juicing. Freshly pressed vegetable juices are the answer to good health and a great life. Just one glass of juice infuses your body with the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy by protecting the cells against premature aging and disease.

The idea may seem a little daunting, because the process could be a little time consuming. However, when you have a good juicer by your side, the process can be rewarding. Treat the process like an investment in your health. When you understand the number of benefits it has for your overall health, we assure you that you will never look back. Make time.

Get the ingredients right!
The key to get the most out of your juicing efforts is to use the right ingredients. Choose to use fresh green vegetables as apposed to fruits. These will not spike your blood sugar and will also give you the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs. This does not mean that you cannot use fruits or other vegetables with color like carrots or beets. Use them as sweeteners to accentuate the flavours of your green fruit juice. Just make sure that these color ingredients do not contribute to more than one third of your juice glass.

This applies especially for diabetics. People with blood sugar issues should ideally stick to green vegetable juices, and monitor their blood sugar levels when sweetening them with fruits.

A few ingredients that would do great in your juicing endeavours include: romaine lettuce and red and green lettuce also do great. For a little variety, add kale, collard greens, swiss chard, bok choy and any other dark green vegetables that you can get your hands on. Add another level of taste with a dash of lemon. You could also add some garlic, but not too many people take that well.

How to prepare your juices
Be sure that you have removed all the dirt from these vegetables before you dunk them in to the juicer. Dunk them in to the sink, wash them well and then let then sit on a colander to wash of the excess water. Celery and lettuce heads may be hiding bugs or some dirt, which you definitely do not want.

If you are hard pressed for time, you can do this process once, and create a big batch of juice. However, be sure that you store it in an air tight container and keep it in the refrigerator. It may not be as good as drinking directly after pressing, but its much better as compared to store bought juices.

Master the art!
Invest in a good cold press juicer. Make sure that the vegetables are either crunchable or cut in to pieces that can be squeezed in to the juicer through its feeding mechanism.

First press the green leafy vegetables and then move on to the harder bits like celery or carrots. These will help push away any softer tiny bits that have got stuck in the juicer. For leafy greens, roll them in to tiny balls, this will help the leaves from getting stuck in the juicer.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can include this beautiful act of juicing in your life for a healthier and happier lifestyle.