Migraines tend to be a huge problem. They drive you up the wall and make you feel that you are literally at the end of the line. However, it does not have to be that bad, learning and adhering to certain natural remedies can indeed help you face this challenging time in a stress free manner.

The first thing you need to understand is, what is it that is causing the migraine. Identifying triggers and staying away from them is the key.

Migraines can be caused by any of the following:

Food Sensitivity:  Sensitivities to foods like dairy, eggs or peanuts, could be a trigger for migraines. If you have been lucky to identify which foods you are sensitive to, avoiding them would be the best bet!

Gluten: Gluten allergy tends to create a lot of inflammation, people who suffer from migraines, could be because they are allergic to the gluten that is found in barley, oats, spelt or wheat.

Hormonal Imbalances: Some women are disposed towards getting migraines before their periods, this could be caused due to an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen, lack of progesterone and too much of estrogen could be the main cause. Stress, alcohol consumption, eating foods that are rich in flour and starch could lead you to getting migraines.

Vitamin B Deficiency: A lack of vitamin B in the form of riboflavin could cause migraines.

Once you have identified what it is that is causing the migraines, you can work towards adjusting your diet and lifestyle accordingly to stay away from them.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods can help you maintain a migraine free life and tweak your diet accordingly. Speak with a Homeopath to learn about a few natural remedies that can indeed make a difference to the nagging migraines that you have been having.