You are a hardworking mother, a devoted wife and a model employee, but on many occasions you feel like you are letting yourself down, when in the middle of a meeting, or when you are so close to meeting a deadline, you get a call from your child’s school, telling you that he has developed a cold and needs to be taken to a doctor. Young children below the age of eight suffer recurring respiratory tract infections and this manifests itself in the form of sore throats, cough, wheezing, swollen tonsils, sinusitis, difficulty in breathing at night and excessive mucous congestion as well.

This usually leads to many trips to the doctor and subjecting your children to long doses of antibiotics, let’s face it, which they do not enjoy. You have to take days off work, and you are mentally stressed because the apple of your eye is distressed. There are ways to fight these ailments, by simply taking on tricks that will help your child build his immune system. Tackling this issue at a tender age is better than making many trips to the doctor’s office week after week for many years. A few simple home remedies can go a long way in ensuring that your kids fall sick less often.

However, if you are worried that these home remedies will not go down well with your children, do not worry, there are a number of ways of masking these ‘medicines’ and believe it or not, your children will not even know that they are strengthening their immune system while relishing the goodness of what you are feeding them

Don’t get in to power struggles with your stubborn three year old, instead pay attention to the immune system boosting tips below and you will indeed make a difference to your child’s life, without getting ‘caught in the act’.

Powder Plus: Sunflower Seeds + Linseeds + Almonds
Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds and Almonds are a great source of nutrients and contain essential fatty acids that work towards reducing the inflammation in your child’s respiratory tract. All you have to do is take the three and grind it into a fine powder with the help of a coffee grinder. Just sprinkle the powder over some vegetables, or your kid’s favorite food. Your child will relish the sweet and nutty taste and will not fight you. Aim for one to two tablespoons a day for effective results.

Primrose Potion:
Primrose oils effectively work in helping boost your child’s immunity. Simply prick a 1000mg of evening primrose oil and mix it into your child’s food. The flavor of the oil is mild, and your child will never be able to tell the difference. A good amount would be daily doses of 1000 – 2000mg of evening primrose oil.

Something’s Fishy:
Cod Liver oil is a rich source of Vitamins A, D and also contains essential omega 3 fatty acids, that play a very important role in reducing infections. However, if you cannot get your children to have even one teaspoon of cod liver oil, try and make fish a part of their daily diet.

Juice Boost:
The right juices help provide your kids with Vitamin C and bioflavonoids that are very essential for a strong immunity. Encourage your children to pick fresh fruit juices instead of harmful aerated drinks. You can do this by simply inculcating this habit from the very beginning into their diets. Freshly squeezed orange juice and the juice of fresh vegetables can work magic on your children’s immunity levels. Fruits that you should special attention to include Kiwi and strawberries.

Scary Dairy:
If your child is suffering from mucous congestion there may be a chance that he is allergic to dairy products and could be lactose intolerant as well. However, do not worry, as there are a number of non-dairy options available that will help work in calcium content into your child’s system, which is necessary.

Consulting a holistic nutritionist can also help you understand better what your child needs. A nutritionist will study your child, go over your lifestyle and analyze your child’s lifestyle along with health issues to prescribe you a lifestyle and some great tips that will help you and your entire family.

When you just take on simple ideas that help build your child’s immune system, your performance at work will improve because you will be able to focus on tasks at hand without constantly being worried about being called in to school. Give your child the gift of immunity and he will thank you for life. They may not realize it when you are trying to force healthy foods down their throat, but they will sure be thankful when they can focus better in life and achieve anything they set their minds to.

So, go for it and make sure your kids do not know what you are up to, because we know how much kids hate ‘healthy food’.