The humble banana is a health powerhouse, it has some inane benefits such as curing a mosquito bite, hangovers, providing relief from mornings sickness and protecting the body against certain cancers as well.

Ensuring that this fruit is a part of your diet can really do good to your health. So, go ahead and start eating bananas today!

A few benefits that these yellow bindles of goodness bring to your life are listed below:

Overcome Depression
Bananas are known to help overcome depression. With high level of tryptophan, which eventually gets converted to serotonin – the mood brain transmitter, responsible for happiness.

Energize with bananas
Treat yourself to two bananas before you step in for an energizing workout, this will help sustain your blood sugar levels and also give you a punch of energy.

Prevent cramps
Protect yourself from night time leg cramps and muscle cramps by consuming bananas.

Protection against calcium loss
Bananas help prevent calcium loss during urination and also help building strong bones.

Mood improviser
Bananas work well to improve your mood and also help reduce PMS symptoms, as they help regulate blood sugar levels and also offer relaxation and relieve stress.

Protection against Type 2 Diabetes
Bananas help reduce swelling and help protect one against Type 2 Diabetes, weight loss and also help strengthen the nervous system, they help with the production of white blood cells, all this because they have high levels of vitamin B-6.

Fight anemia and strengthen blood

Lower Blood Pressure
Low in salt and high in potassium content, these are recognized by the FDA as a great way to reduce blood pressure levels and also helps protect the heart against stroke.

Find relief against digestive disorders when you include bananas in your diet.

Bananas can be consumed in many forms. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can improve your health with this amazing fruit.