You are already probably aware that organic produce is better for health as compared to other variety of produce that is available in the market. Organic produce may cost you a little more when you go out to the market to buy some, and that’s why you should seriously consider growing your own produce, in your back yard.

A few veggies and herbs that you can grow yourself include:

Beans: There are a number of varieties of beans that you can grow, depending on your preference and the space that you have, you can choose from Bush Beans, Pole Beans and Runner Beans.

Beets: Beets can easily be grown in your back yard and they are extremely healthy too, you can choose from the red of golden varieties depending on your preference.

Carrots:Carrots are a must in your diet. Be sure to plant some in your back yard and use them regularly to stay healthy.

Chives:Chives have a distinct flavor that is akin to onions, they are extremely easy to grow and can be grown, inside as well as outdoors.

Cilantro: Cilantro is extremely easy to grow and should be cut quickly, or you will be stuck with the flowers, which you do not need.

Oregano: If you have a love for Italian food, then you should definitely have oregano growing in your backyard. It’s easy and requires little maintenance.

Sweet Basil: Easy, requires little space and is a fast growing herb to keep you healthy and your taste buds satisfied.

So, why wait, when you can start your home garden today and stay healthy. Speak with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which other foods you can grow organically and also get in touch with a Homeopath who can help you with ides for a fabulously healthy garden.