While the first kiss is the most exciting, remaining in that state of bliss can help you lead a happy and healthy life as well. Make kissing a habit, indulge in some light kissing and you will see that it keep you healthy.

It helps reduce Blood Pressure!
Kissing, helps one dilate blood vessels, which in turn helps keep one’s blood pressure in check.

It helps relieve cramps and headaches
Blood vessel Dialiation in this case too with the help of kissing can help relieve pain, particularly those that arise from headaches and menstrual cramps.

It helps in fighting cavities
Kissing increases the amount of saliva in one’s mouth. This saliva helps clean the plaque on one’s teeth that can lead to cavities.

Happy hormones are released
A little kissing can help release feel good chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. This release not only helps you be happy, but also helps strengthen your relationship.

Kissing helps burn calories
Rigorous kissing can help you burn up to 8 – 16 calories

Kissing helps boost one’s self esteem
Studies suggest that men who received a passionate kiss from their partners before leaving home, earned more money. This suggests that kissing makes one happier, boosts self-esteem and helps one work more productively.

Kissing helps tone your face muscles
A little kissing can help you tone your facial muscles of the neck and jawline.

So, go ahead and keep kissing to live a happy and healthy life. You should also speak with a Registered holistic nutritionist to learn what foods can keep you happy and healthy. You should also speak with a homeopath who can help you identify which herbal remedies are indeed right for you.