Most people are under the impression that the heart attack symptoms are common for both men and women. However, that is not true, the symptoms that men experience can often be diametrically opposite to what some women might experience during a heart attack.

A large exertion on one’s chest, like as if they are being suffocated by a large object on their chest, means that they could be suffering a heart attack, happens more commonly in men. Women may not experience an discomfort or pain in the chest at all. In fact, it is known that women often wait longer than men to take measures to go to the ER. And, that could be extremely fatal, as it is well known or something that most people should know is that when you receive treatment 3 hours within having a heart attack, chances for survival are much higher and it could go up to as high as 50%, if treatment is received with intervention within on hour.

Heart attack signs that women may ignore, but should pay attention to are:

1) Extreme Tiredness: It could be days or even weeks before the attack occurs that most women will start feeling extreme exhaustion. In fact, you may not even want to work or take a trip to the kitchen to make dinner for the family.

2) Very mild pain: Women may experience bouts of pain, but mild ones, and not even necessarily in the heart region, but in the shoulders, neck, jar or even upper back.

3) Sweating: Your face may turn an ashen or pale color or you may even start sweating for no reason.

4) Dizzy: You may experience some nausea or even experience indigestion that could lead to vomiting and you may feel that you are just about to pass out.

5) Breathlessness: Some women may find it extremely difficult to breathe and may not be able to even complete a conversation.

6) Sleep: Sleep patterns will be affected when women are about to have a coronary. They may have difficulty in falling asleep and may also have some difficulty in waking up.

7) Anxious: Some women get a calling from deep within and develop a paranoia over an impending heart attack. This anxiety is simply yourbody’s way of telling you that you need to make some corrections.

Heart health is extremely important and eating the right food so you can make necessary alterations in health can indeed help. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods will do wonders for your body, and take measures for good heart health. You could also get in touch with a Homeopath so that you can indeed make the right choices as far as good natural heart health remedies are concerned.