I was having intensive heart burns and stomach cramps. I was given many conventional medicines by my Doctor but they were only temporary relief. I got tired of this nonsense. I wanted a complete relief without any long term dependency so I read about Homeopathy and found out that the Royal family only uses Homeopathic remedies and that they have their own Homeopath. This made me try Homeopathy.

I had come to the Homeopathic Plus Centre: I had my first consult with Dr. S Suri and even though he explained to me why many questions were being asked of me I did not feel the need to share much. Then I was called for my second consultation and I met Dr. H Suri he was much younger and he explained to me using some advance software and my previous consults symptoms that there were many inconsistencies in my case. I then understood why I needed to be truthful and forthcoming with information. After our session Dr Suri was able to find the remedy that was suited to my problem. After receiving my first dose in the centre I immediately started to burp often in a 2 minute span. After that I did not feel any heart burn and cramps for the first time for 2 days. I had been given the remedy to take home and was to inform the doctor when the problem would reoccur so that further instructions were to be given. After that I took the remedy 3 times a week for 1 month and I was cured of my heart burn and cramping.

Then I came back to the Centre after 6 months for another major problem. I had a operation to remove a wart underneath my foot and after my 3rd operation within the 6 month time I started to get intensive pain on my entire right side of the body. I would be screaming inside with pain and even after taking Tylenol 3 my pain would not go. I felt that I should go to Centre and see Dr Suri who had helped me before. After seeing Dr Suri I got relief from pain immediately with his remedy and fully cured within 2 months. This was my fault as Ramadan was during this time and Dr Suri had warned me not to stress my body and let it heal. I did not listen and only after Ramadan I allowed my body to get real rest, otherwise I would have been cured earlier. Now I am a true believer in Homeopathy and will always go the Dr Suri 1st rather than try the regular doctors.

H. Dohadwala.