I was suffering from sciatica pain for the past 3 years and felt hopeless for any chance of improvement. I visited many doctors and they told me I am suffering from sciatica and disk bulging. Most of them suggested an operation. I was so afraid of getting an operation because of the many ill-fated tales I heard from friends or family members, so I decided to look for an alternative.

Before visiting Mr. Suri, all of my treatments, which I received for the last 3 years did not help at all. Now after my successful treatment with the Homeopathic Plus Centre I can say with confidence that Homeopathy works. Mr. Suri assured me that there is no need of any operation and this problem can be healed/cured. In the span of 6 months, I have found tremendous relief and within one year I can say I am fully cured. I am thankful to Dr. Suri for his help. He is a wonderful man and a great hope for those who are suffering from disease like me. I wish him and his family and his patients a happy life.


S. Chandhok