All of us are aware that too much sugar is not good. It can lead to a number of health disorders that we would rather keep at bay. However, somehow or the other, we always find an excuse to make sugar a part of our diet, it could be a birthday, it could be the holidays, or it could even be a heartache. However, there are ways to resist sugar cravings, and we are going to divulge a few secrets.

Do You Know Your Sugars?
Sugar shows up in places that you would never imagine and hence it is important to check labels of food items that you buy at grocery stores. You will find them in snacks, yogurt, and watch out for words like organic brown rice syrup, evaporated cane juice and blackstrap molasses to keep sugar levels in check. Learn the names of various sugars and read food labels carefully to avoid foods that are loaded with sugars.

Pour out the juice
If you think that unhealthy sodas are the only drinks that you should avoid to avoid sugar, you could not be more wrong. Juice without wholesome fiber is just sugar.

Keep an eye out for sugar substitutes. Organic honey can offer you just as much pleasure. Grated carrots, organic milk and even a pinch of salt can help you stay in the clear.

Practice Yoga
While exercise is great to treat a host of health disorders, it can also help curb cravings. Yoga especially can helps train the mind and can reprogram it to state that is free of any cravings and anxieties.

Know your sugars, be strong and speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods can offer you a break from sugar rich foods. Homeopathy too can help you curb these cravings, to find out more speak with a homeopath in your neighborhood.