You may have read and you may have been told as well from a very young age that you need to drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water in a day. However, while this is the average amount of water a human body needs to conduct a variety of functions, the amount of water a person should consume depends on a number of factors, which we are going to discuss today.

Pure water is indeed the best solution to quench your thirst; no beverage in the world can hydrate you like water does. There are so many alternatives to water out there, and if you are unaware of the advantages and the necessity of water in your system, you should indeed learn why people all over the world have switched to this amazing beverage and let go of harmful aerated drinks.

Drinking water is indeed critical for proper body functioning. It is instrumental in flushing out all harmful toxins from your body, it helps your body maintain regular temperature and it also helps transport essential nutrients to your cells so that they can function properly. It is important that you are aware of how much water your body needs. A lack of water in your system can lead you to feeling low on energy and give you nagging headaches and can cause more severe problems as well that can become fatal.

One size does not fit all, since there are a variety of factors that determine how much water different individuals need, one has to consider all of them before making a certain amount of water a daily a habit.

While some people say a woman needs to drink about 8 glasses of water, others say that it should be equivalent to half the person’s body weight. What is the true count however, well, study the considerations below to learn how much water ‘your’ body needs.

What Do You Eat?
If you have a diet that comprises of lots of fruits and vegetables, you should know that half your hydration comes from these amazing alternatives. More than quarter of your hydration can come from fruits and vegetables that are made up of mostly water.

If you are an alcohol drinker, you are prone to dehydration, thus reversing the effect of the amazing fruits and vegetables.

Do You Exercise?

People, who have an active life that comprises of strenuous workouts at the gym, definitely need to be more hydrated because they lose a lot of water during these workouts. This is as apposed to people who enjoy a relatively sedentary lifestyle or those who do not have such strenuous exercise routines. Another thing that also needs to be considered is where you exercise, if you are running or jogging outside in the hot sun as apposed to jogging on a treadmill in an air conditioned gym, your water needs will vary.

Water lost during exercising has to be replaced as avoiding this may cause your muscles to cramp and even fainting. It is important that you drink water during your work out and not wait till after so that you can keep your levels of energy up.

What’s Your Poison?
When you are feeling thirsty, you will grab the first thing that comes in front of you, in fact sometimes, you will opt for an alternative to water like aerated soft drinks, coffee and even fruit juices. What you must remember is that every time you choose to drink some other beverage over safe drinking water, you are making the wrong choice, because nothing else can hydrate you like water. Alcohol will only lead you to further dehydration.

If you are not such a regular at the gym, you should definitely avoid sports beverages, for those are used to strenuous workouts, sports beverages should only be sipped if you work out for more that 45 – 60 minutes. If plain water does not match your fancy, you could squeeze a little lime in to it to get that tangy zing and enjoy water consumption better or use organic coconut water which also replaced the electrolytes that are depleted.

Do You Sweet a lot?
If your pores are overactive and you sweat more, you have to indeed drink a lot more water to replenish that, which is lost during sweating.

Your shade of Pee
If you are listless and have lack of energy, check the color of your pee. The darker your urine, it means that you are dehydrated. Make it a point to consume more water when you notice this change.

Water indeed has so many benefits and it is absolutely natural. You could choose to speak with a holistic nutritionist who will educate you about the many benefits of this transparent fluid so that you can make appropriate consumption of water a part of your lifestyle. Be sure that you check with your local nutritionist about other fruits and vegetables too that you can eat to keep your body hydrated.