As a Homeopath I am always faced with a question as to why do I feel that I can help a patient whereas another Homeopath could not.

Homeopathy is a precise calculation of a person’s life. It’s like 2+2=4.

So when a case is taken the Homeopath is highly depended on the information the patient is providing. If the patient is holding back then a proper calculation cannot take place and it lead to a prolonging of the case with less success.

Also the homeopath in question has a responsibility to spend time in taking a good case. If all the information is provided correctly then the Homeopath has to dig deep in his research as to what layers are present and what is the correct order. This is a time consuming process and most Homeopaths don’t dig deep enough due to adaptation to other Homeopaths in practice who charge low fee’s and justifying their time accordingly or less caring as to the outcome, turning around more patient to make more money due to low fee structure and the list goes on.

I cannot vouch for anyone except my own practice. I became a Homeopath because after I spent time searching and digging deep into myself, I found that I am by nature a caring person, I like to interact with people, I have excellent problem solving skills, I have strong life coaching skills and I love a challenge.

I love Homeopathy as it has helped cure millions of people without side effects and has cured the most unlikely cases that traditional medicine considered hopeless.

A current example is of a concerned mother who came to me with regards to her child. Her child since the age of puberty was not socializing with friends, family or relatives. He would spend his entire day, after coming home from school, behind the computer playing games. He was in his late teens and the mother could not get any help from regular Doctors as they did not find anything wrong with the child. One suggestion was to take the child to some counseling or give drugs.

So she came to my clinic asking me if I could help. I said I would like to find out more about the case. After spending hours in questioning I found the root cause of the case. In one word it was “Abandonment”. The child had this felling strongly embedded within him. So I used Kent’s method of prescribing and gave a high dose of a Homeopathic remedy that represented the root cause as “Abandonment”.

After 1 month the mother returned feeling happy of the results. She said her son has packed up his computer, learned to drive, made many friends and is now going to family functions in such a short time and was thankful for my help.

So this is why I admire and love Homeopathy. It is a powerful tool in the right person’s hand.