If you speak with a few people you will note, either they or people they know have at one time or another invested time, money and lots of effort in losing weight by joining the gym. While there are some who are self motivated, with lots of will power who will do everything they can to achieve their weight loss objectives by going to the gym, or simply make it part of their lifestyle to stay fit.

On the other hand, a majority will spend hours travelling to the gym, spend a few minutes on the treadmill and give up feeling tired, no, no feeling exhausted. Most will take a relaxing steam, maybe jump into the sauna and grab a cream cheese bagel and cup of coffee on the way to the office after their ‘work out’. This routine will probably continue for a few months before one realizes that none of the objectives of the work out are met with and therefore will give up going to the swanky gym altogether.

So, how does one get maximum results from their work out? There are ways, and they are simple to follow and all you need is a little will power and discipline. Below discussed are a few ways in which you can make your visits to the gym actually count.

Pre-Workout Nutrition
Most people, who visit the gym to lose weight, prefer to do it on an empty stomach, thinking that this will help them lose weight faster. However, this is not true because in order for your body to burn fat, it needs glucose, which comes from carbohydrates. When you work out with low blood sugar levels or low glucose levels, you are bound to tire out faster, thus not being able perform up to your fullest potential. What is worse is that you are absolutely famished by the time you are done with your workout and you start eating like you haven’t eaten in days.

To ensure that you have enough energy to fuel you through a powerful workout, be sure to follow a diet that helps you gain energy. A snack before you go to the gym that consists of complex carbohydrates is a must. Fruits, cereal or whole grain crackers are indeed a great idea. Focus on complex carbohydrates as apposed to simple carbohydrates like cola and candies. Hydrate your self well before and during a work out as well.

It is important to pay attention to holistic nutrition when you wish for your body to stay in tune with your mind so that you can achieve what you want. So, eat well and make sure that your body has the energy and your mind has the will to survive days at the gym.

Strength Training
When you do not have someone to guide you at the gym, and you are unaware of strategy you should follow to lose weight for muscle definition, you will not achieve your desired goals. Along with cardio exercises, you also need to indulge in plenty of strength training. This helps strengthen and build major muscle groups, which are essentially your body’s main engine for calorie burning. Using weight machines, free weights and bodyweight can help you build your muscles and in fact this will also help you with your cardio routine, as your muscles will not tire faster. Work towards strengthening your core muscles to start with, they are your back, arms, legs and chest muscles.

Keep it Cool!
The debate between cardio and strength training has been taken up by a number of health experts, and the consensus is, a mix of both is an absolute must. If you do indulge in strength training, you also need to get some amount of cardiovascular workout as well.  Aerobics, jogging, cycling a few times a week is a must to build endurance and stamina.

One issue that most people face while indulging in cardio workouts is that they tire very early. In most cases and the reason for this is that the system overheats. This can be take care of by working out in environments that are cool and also by wearing light clothes that are airy, drink a lot of cold water, and last but not the least maintain a pace that helps you work out for a decent amount of time at least 20 – 30 minutes, which will help you achieve good heart health and even build stamina.

What are you going to eat when you are beat?
Be sure that you know exactly what you will eat after you have finished your workout. Your strenuous training at the gym would leave you famished, and it is important that you choose healthy food over snacks that only defeat the purpose of weight loss and healthy living. Focus on foods that are rich in protein and fiber, these help with satiating your hunger and you will not crave for fatty foods. Fish, nuts, avocados, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, non-fat dairy items and whole grains make for a great post workout meal plan.

Keep an Eye on the Goal!
If you have a good trainer, he will tell you that you need a goal before you start working out. This goal should be sacred, and you should by no means lose sight of it, even for a day if you are indeed sincere about it. Make sure that your track your progress every day. When you do this and see results, you will be further motivated to work out better when you are at the gym.

Before you take on a diet plan that helps you achieve maximum from your workout, speak with your local nutritionist, so that you know exactly what you should eat to keep your body active and mind healthy.