Worrying about the price of gas is not the only reason why you should consider ditching your car and using other means of transport to get to work. Getting to work by bike or by foot could indeed make a world of a difference to your health in a positive manner. It could help reduce risks of obesity, hypertension and even diabetes.

However, if your workplace too far away from home, then foot is really not an option. But biking your way to the office may bring you some efficiency. Two miles can be covered in about 10 – 15 mins and that does not seem that bad. Just think about all the time you will save and the money that you spend on gas.

However, when you switch to using a bike for your commute, there is a little more to think about. Below is some information you can use to create the perfect work transport experience for yourself, by paying attention to a few things:

Bike: Get a good bike. You do not have to invest too much money and get one of those adventure bikes, but one that is good for the city roads. You can also speak with your bike seller to learn what people are buying for the purpose, and ensure that you get good service too for the bike that you are buying. Make sure that you conduct some reviews online as well.

Light: You will have to prepare to make your bike ready for the road with the help of lights. In the front you will need a white light and at the back a red light. These could be reflective stickers as well, so that they intimate drivers front and behind you.

Storage: You may not need a Backpack, so simply create some space like a rack or a basket that can house your belongings.

Fenders: In the rainy season, you will need fenders that will protect your tires from getting spoilt.

Lock: You have to lock your bike. So make sure that you have a high quality lock for when you lock down when you go in to your work place.

Helmet: Make sure that you buy yourself a nice protective helmet when you go to work on your bike.

Route: Pick a route to the office that is quieter and does not have too much traffic.

Change of clothes: For those extra hot days, you could easily carry a pair of clothes that you can change in to when you get to the office. Or alternatively, you could dress casually and change in to your formal office clothing once you get there. The second scenario is definitely better.

Once you have chalked out the entire program, you should indeed work towards making this a lifestyle choice. Consult with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can eat well to support this choice and also get in touch with a homeopath to learn how a few natural solutions can bring you high doses of energy.