If you are looking to find a way to naturally get glowing skin, get relief from digestive issues and also prevent colds and flu, you should indeed consider thinking about including pineapple in your diet. This fantastic tropical fruit is a powerhouse of health benefits.

Below mentioned are a few reasons why you should include pineapple in your diet.

It’s rich in nutrients

Pineapple is known to be extremely rich in various vitamins and minerals, and these include Vitamin A, C, potassium, calcium and manganese.

Strengthen your bones

Manganese in pineapple will help you build strong bones and also connective tissues.

It improves digestion

Including pineapple in your diet can help improve digestion. It is known to contain bromelain, which works towards controlling pancreatic secretions that help improve digestion.

Keep your gums healthy!

Just one cup of pineapple will give you 105% Vitamin C supply of the day. Pineapple helps reduce the risk of gingivitis and any other periodontal disease.

Helps alleviate the pain caused due to arthritis

Pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties, and this helps reduce the pain caused due to arthritis, along with various other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and gout.

Prevent hypertension

If you wish to reduce high blood pressure, try and include pineapple in your diet.

It could assist in preventing cancer

The high antioxidant content of pineapple can help fight the damage caused due to free radicals, and therefore helps keep one’s cells healthy.

Fight cough and cold

Pineapples are known to be extremely rich in Vitamin C, and this helps boost your immunity, thereby helping your body fight coughs and colds.

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