For years, bee pollen has been used for holistic remedy for several ills. There are just so many benefits, and most of us are unaware of it.

What Is Pollen?
The hardworking honeybees make pollen or bee pollen, and it is known to be the food that young bees eat. It is incredibly nourishing and contains mostly all the nutrients that are needed by the human body.

Pollen that is gathered by bees are rich in protein, they contain free amino acids, various vitamins, including B Complex and folic acid as well. It contains more protein than any other animal source. It is known to have more amino acids than eggs, cheese and beef as well.

Here are a few reasons why you should indeed consider including bee pollen in your daily diet:

Energy Enhancer
Bee Pollen has many nutrients, which means that it is a great energy enhancer. It contains carbohydrates, B Vitamins and is a rich source of protein, all of which are essential to help keep you going and enhance your stamina, by attacking fatigue.

It helps soothe your skin
Bee pollen is commonly used in a host of topical products to treat conditions that are anti-inflammatory such as conditions like eczema or psoriasis. The vitamins and amino acids help to protect the skin and also aid in the regeneration of cells.

Respiratory System
Given the high levels of antioxidants, they are high on anti-inflammatory effects, which positively affect the tissues of the lung and help fight asthma.

Treat Allergies with bee pollen
Bee pollen, when included in your diet, can help you treat allergies, asthma and sinus problems as well.

Digestive System
Over and above the high nutrient content, bee pollen contains an enzyme that aids in digestion.

A spoonful a day, ideally with some fruit for fibre will help you exploit the pollen’s potential to its fullest.

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