A pet can indeed change your world. It can make you happy, when you think there is no way out, its absence makes you sad and it can even drive you crazy with its tantrums at times. A pet needs to be nurtured and if you see any of the following symptoms in your pet it important that you make further investigations to know more.

These signs may not seem like warning signs, and sometimes even the most careful pet owners can ignore them and not pay too much heed to them. If you love your pet, pay attention to warning signs that could be an alarm for a dangerous illness.

Your dog jumps to greet you at the door every evening when you walk in and you simply cannot remember the day that you have had. You leave all your worries at the door and jump into euphoria with your bundle of joy. However, if you note that the apple of your eye has not jumped up the last few times on seeing you, it may be a warning sign that is something is wrong and you need to have it checked to avoid any further complications.

Coughing or vomiting
A cat could throw up a fur ball may be now and then, but if the vomiting continues at the rate of more than once in a month, it could be an indication of inflammatory bowel disease or kidney failure as well. Coughing is not normal and this could be an indication of asthma and could further lead to a chronic lung disease that could lead to death.

Dogs could vomit more often, every time they over eat. But, if your little pooch starts vomiting few times a day, it could be possible, that a foreign object is stuck in its intestines or stomach. Dogs cannot develop asthma, so coughing could indicate bronchitis, a heart problem, pneumonia or the tracheal collapse

Attempts of Frequent urination
If you notice that your male cat has been straining and squatting; it could indicate feline urethral obstruction. This obstruction could mean that your cat will not be able to urinate for days. If your male dog has similar symptoms; it could mean that there may be a problem of bladder stone or some other obstructions.

If you wish to learn how you can help your dog or cat lead a healthy life, you should watch out for these symptoms and seek regular medical attention for your beloved pets. You too should take special care of yourself and speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from time to time to learn what foods can help you stay in the pink of health. A homeopath too can help you with some great natural remedies for good health.