The best way to start your day is with a good and healthy breakfast, the word being healthy. It is important that you get the right amounts of nutrients, proteins and minerals so that both your body and mind are geared up to take on the challenges that the day holds.

Organic Eggs
Do not mistaken these for the free range variety, organic eggs are from hens that only eat certified organic food, graze and eat grass. This ensures that your eggs are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and tend to be a well balanced food. The yolks contain fats that are good, B Vitamins and choline that is good for brain health. Eggs are a complete protein that is essential for a good start to the day.

Papaya is a tropical fruit that is known to contain the enzyme papain that helps digest the protein that you consume. Extremely rich in Vitamin C, it has anti-inflammatory properties that are extremely good for your digestion. It makes for a great snack for kids as it has a beautiful creamy texture.

Chia Seeds
This is a superfood that you must definitely start your day with. Just a little bit in your smoothies is enough to keep you going all day. It contain magnesium, iron, B Vitamins and fatty acids, everything your body needs to be energetic.

Bananas are highly rich in potassium, which helps keep the nervous system fired up. Bananas also contain tryptophan, which helps make the happy hormone – serotonin. It also contain Vitamin B6, which is excellent for your nervous system.

Start your day with these foods and you will see a great difference in how your day pans out. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can enjoy good health with these amazing foods.