A healthy gut leads to good health overall, and if you wish to make sure that your gut stays in the pink of health, you have to follow a healthy diet and make efforts to include these foods in your diet too.


Legumes such as beans are known to be prebiotic and including them in your diet is a good idea for a healthy gut. When the good bacteria that are nestled in your gut feed on these goods, they start producing short-chain fatty acids that help make the intestine’s cells healthy and also boost the immune system, and help absorb micronutrients. Be sure that these are presoaked before you cook them.


Garlic is an excellent source of fructan compounds, that are a source of prebiotic, and therefore good for your gut. This helps improve your digestive system, and it supports the good bacteria, grows and duplicate, and thus advocates overall good health.


When you consume grass-fed butter, you include the benefits of butyrate in your diet. This improves overall gut health by enhancing the intestinal barrier function.


High-quality dark chocolate is excellent for your gut, believe it or not! There are certain bacteria in your gut that love chocolate, and they ferment it to produce anti-inflammatory compounds, that are great for good health.

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