There is a misconception that most women are more likely to die of breast cancer as apposed to experiencing a heart attack or a stroke. However, this is not true. Heart disease and disease in the blood vessels are known to claim twice as many lives compared to cancer of all kinds in women. If you love yourself and you family, you need to take good care of your heart and yourself.

Love Yourself
When you feel good about yourself, you will automatically make an effort to stay healthy. Poor self-esteem may be one of the leading causes why women pay poor attention to their cardio vascular health. Paying attention to yourself and your heart is extremely important, because others depend on you and love you and after all life is indeed beautiful.

Stress is a silent killer. It is known to harm the heart directly and indirectly as well. When you are stressed, you want to sleep, or you can’t sleep, you tend to overeat or you may not eat at all, you get depressed and you spend all your time at home in an anxious state with no physical exercise. Take a few hours off and for yourself. Meditate, go for a quiet walk or just close your eyes and sit in a quiet room for about twenty minutes. The time you spent meditating will indeed do you some good and avoid stress.

Propagate good heart health. When you believe in the importance of heart health and educate your children and grand children about it, it prevents future generations of your family to stay heart healthy too. Avoid smoking, drinking and eat food that is good for the heart. Get plenty of exercise, avoid stress and stay happy.

By involving your children in food preparation and teaching them how to identify good food from bad can help you keep yourself and your family healthy for long.

The symptoms of a heart attack can vary in women. It is not always characterized by chest pain. In women a heart attack can manifest itself in the form of extreme weakness or indigestion as well. Women who have had heart attacks have mentioned that they did experience certain symptoms about a month before the attack that included: they had problems going to sleep, tiredness, weak arms and indigestion.Keeping your heart healthy and young is very important. Dealing with stressful lifestyles can be tough, but in order to stay healthy, one has to first learn to love themselves, and in this way they will make efforts to eat healthy to stay healthy.

A registered Holistic Nutritionist will guide you depending on your lifestyle, condition and body type with respect to what a heart healthy diet should ideally incorporate for you. Homeopathic care can also help you maintain a healthy and young heart naturally, so get in touch with your nearest Homeopathic Center to stay heart healthy.