It’s that time of the year again, when we wish to give up all our inhibitions and indulge in treats that are truly the finest. However, there are ways in which one can indeed enjoy the best that is available, and watch one’s weight as well.

There are so many parties to attend, so many celebrations to be a part of, so what does one do? Well, you have to have a plan, losing weight is definitely out of the question, but maintaining it is possible if you take care and pay attention to a few simple tips.

Set Realistic Goals
Starting the festive season with the feeling of losing weight is not the best thing to do. In fact, you should forget about it. Think about how you are going to maintain your weight, so that you do not have to worry about overeating and can focus on enjoying the festivities.

Eat a little before you step out
Try and eat a little before you set foot out of home. The reason is that when you have light snack before you leave, you wont gorge on the yummy food that is out there, you will still get to enjoy all of it, but this time around in moderation.

Focus on other activities
Instead of focusing just on the food, you should may be look at other aspects of the festive season. For example, concentrate on decorating the beautiful Christmas tree and doing up your home and arranging activities that family members can participate in, without worrying too much about the food.

Healthy Dishes
When you are invited to a party, take a healthy dish with you. This will make some of the weight watchers there like you.

Stay away from high calorie drinks
Alcohol contributes towards packing in the pounds, and they too have a host of calories and a lot of sugar as well. Try and ask the host to arrange for some calorie free drinks that can help you enjoy a stress free party.

When there is a buffet set up, wait till almost every one is done. If you are first one in line, you will finish quickly, and you may be extremely inclined to go back when you see so many people waiting to pack on their plates with more.

Try and be happy with one serving
The second serving is usually about greed. Try and take on your plate all that you wish to eat in the first serving. You do not want to go back for seconds.

Get some exercise
It’s the holidays and you want to give your body a break from exercise, but if the idea is to maintain weight, you have to work off all the fatty foods that you have eaten all through the festive season.