Parents who have kids suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will often tell you that their kids feel that everything happens at the same time, it’s like time is collapsing. Kids with ADHD are fidgety, lost in their own thoughts, leave one thing and start doing another, blurt things out, often without thinking twice, they will doodle away without a care in the world, whistle and tap their feet to sounds and music in their heads.

ADHD however, is a very common medical condition, which makes it very difficult for some children to sit still, pay attention and focus. Children suffering from ADHD are often very distracted, fidgety, impatient and disorganized. This condition affects the brain and affects how people process and then organize the information they receive and how they manage their impulses.

ADHD begins in childhood, though in most cases it is diagnosed much later in life. Symptoms may lurk around through one’s teenage years and also go into adulthood. Some individuals will becomes better as regions of their brains start to mature as they reach adolescence, but in some cases, the condition can last for a lifetime. It is known to occur in 1 in 20 children, more commonly in boys.

People with ADHD can lead a good life, in fact most of them have above average intelligence, and they may be overachievers in certain areas as well. In most cases it is very difficult to point someone out with ADHD. The main reason why it is a condition to be wary about is because they process and organize things differently, and they face some trouble at school, at work or in relationships as well. People suffering from ADHD are more likely to have car accidents and are more prone to get addicted to substance abuse. And, that’s why it is imperative that parents seek help and take actions that can help rectify the problem at an early age.

The causes of ADHD can vary. While ADHD does have a strong genetic connection, though not everyone with ADHD may have someone in the family suffering from ADHD. A host of environmental factors and pregnancy related issues too that can cause ADHD in a child. Smoking, drug use and alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to higher risk of the child suffering from ADHD.

Some parents tend to blame themselves, and they should know that ADHD is not caused because of bad parenting or teaching. While parenting and teachers at school can substantially affect the condition, it does not cause the condition.
It is important that parents watch out for signs and symptoms of ADHD from early childhood years as they can truly affect kids, as they grow older. Adults suffering from ADHD can have trouble with relationships and also have problems at work. There are a number of techniques that parents today can use to help alleviate the stress that ADHD can cause a child and can help improve his life.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist can help you with diet tips that can help treat the condition and you could also consult with a homeopath for natural solutions for your kid’s betterment. We will be talking more about ADHD, its myths, diet tips and how to deal with kids suffering form the condition in subsequent articles.