It’s common for a lot of people around the world to head for a cup of coffee when they feel all out of energy. However, what most people are unaware of is that consuming this stimulant in high quantities over an long period of time can have serious health implications.

There is good news however. There are alternatives if you are looking for a pick me up along the day. You do not have to be addicted to caffeine to get through the day. Read on to learn more about a few healthy ways in which you can stay energetic, all day long.

Chia Seeds
Looking for sustained energy – you should definitely pick chia seeds on your next trip to the supermarket. It’s high energy content and nutrient profile makes it a favorite amongst health enthusiasts.

These seeds are rich in protein, which has a positive impact on your energy levels and also assists your body with a number of tasks. When the body is lacking carbs, it will pick from the amino acids found in proteins and turn it in to energy. Since they are high in fiber and have a high absorptive capacity as well, they release nutrients and hydrate the body slowly so as to provide you the much needed energy through out the day.

Beetroot Juice
Many athletes have been using beetroot juice for high and sustained energy levels, and today, it’s becoming a norm for a lot of everyday people too. Nitrate content in beetroot juice leads to a reduced oxygen uptake by the body, and this allows for exercise to be less tiring.

Another benefit of beetroot juice is that it helps with detoxifying the liver.

Ancient cultures have been using ginseng and in fact some of them hail it as ‘The All-Healing’ and ‘The Wonder of the World’. Studies suggest that it helps people positively deal with fatigue. Ginseng is also known to help with concentration levels, memory retention and improve general cognitive capacity.

As the afternoon starts setting in, we start feeling our energy levels dwindle, and that’s when we make a dash for that cup of coffee. However, the next time you feel like your energy levels are starting to fall, reach for the ultimate energy booster – the banana.

Rich in many essential nutrients and healthy carbohydrates that get released slowly in to ones bloodstream, so that the cells of the body can use them for energy production over a period of time.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you could use natural foods to stay healthy and experience sustained energy levels.