Urgh! That belly fat can indeed give you sleepless nights! You can see you start losing your self-esteem and those beautiful dresses and trouser you fitted into so well, simply seem to evade of that joy. So, what do you do when belly fat starts becoming a problem?

People are going to start calling it what they like, your husband will start making jokes about it, but at the end often day, you have to come to terms with the fact, that you have to start working around it, as it is now or never. The firm fat around your belly is known as visceral fat, and fighting it is not as tough as you think. All you need is a little motivation.

Individual fat cells start inflating as your stomach starts to expand. This could cause a lowering of good cholesterol of HDL and will cause a spike in triglycerides, a fatty acid that is often found in blood and can be linked as the main cause for heart disease.

Women start gaining weight around the mid section only until later in life, but men on the other hand, gather belly fat all their life. As women age, the levels of testosterone starts increasing and there is a drop in estrogen, and this is why, the weight gain patter, becomes like that of men. Sluggish metabolism and loss of muscle are often the reasons why you start gaining weight as you age. However, this information does mean that you should wait until weight starts gathering up, but you should work towards preventing it as soon as you can.

Your Target Should be the Fat Cells
Fat cells are obedient, if you work them, target them they will be more responsive to the intent of exercise. People who use a combination of dieting as well as exercise are likely to lose their fat, twice as fast as others who only use one of the two methods.

If You Cannot Run, Walk
Moderate intensity aerobic workouts indulged in regularly for thirty minutes in a day can indeed work on shedding that belly fat. To achieve your weight loss goal, you have to huff and then puff and break a sweat as well. You don’t have to break running records for this, a good sprint can serve you fine.

Interval Training
Interval training is fast becoming a great way to achieve fitness and weight loss objectives. Interval training basically requires you to indulge in quick bursts of short but moderate interview work outs with rest periods in the middle. The alternate workouts should oscillate between strength training and cardio training.

Don’t Drink too Much
Beer is loaded with carbs, and that’s the reason why beer belly makes sense. However, it’s not just beer but a number of other alcohol as well that can give you that proverbial ‘beer belly’ and they include vodka, fruit cocktails and sprinters. The reason being that alcohol reduced your body’s ability to lose weight.

Stay Calm
As your get stressed, your body produces with hormone called cortisol and this in turn leads to more storage of belly fat. The reason being that fat that accumulates around the belly, has a higher number of receptors for cortisol.

Green Tea
Green tea is known to fight cancer, it makes the skin glow and it can also work towards shrinking fat. The ideal amount is about four cups of green tea in a day for optimal results along with restrictive diet and exercise.

Sleep Well
Lack of restful sleep will lead to increasing your cortisol levels and will also effect storage of fat, not in the positive manner. Sleep for at least eight hours to remain rested.

A few simple techniques can indeed help you lose that nagging weight around your waistline. Speak with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can get rid of this fat by following a good diet and you could also speak with a homeopath to learn of some great weight loss natural solutions.