Apple Cider is good for you, and we will give you a few reasons why. Make it a part of your lifestyle and you will notice changes for the better. A few shots a day can fill you up with bursts of energy and can keep you going all day, so that you can achieve goals that you set for yourself.

Apple cider is not only great to provide you with energy, but it also affects your skin. Home and in fact, your pets too can greatly benefit from the amazing apple cider vinegar. It is indeed more than just a salad dressing, here’s how you can use it to make a change in your life!

Detoxify Your Home
Apple cider vinegar can be replaced with a number of cleaning products at home. This way, you decrease the use of harmful chemicals in your cleaning process at home.

Make Your Hair Shine!
Rinse your hair after you have washed it and you will add an amazing shine to it! Just add some to your hair wash routine a couple of times a week and your hair will do great.

Regulate the pH Levels of Your Skin
Make Apple cider vinegar a part of your beauty regimen by adding acider vinegar to some water and applying it to your face with a cotton ball. Use it instead of the toner you are using now, and apply it once every night and in the morning before you moisturize your skin. Use it to remove scars and dark spots too.

Remove Stains from Your Teeth
To remove stains from your teeth, you can use apple cider vinegar and then gently rinse with water.

Treat Sunburns
Just a small cup of apple cider vinegar added to your bath can help you get relief from nasty sunburn.

Natural Aftershave
Apple cider Vinegar, mixed with water can serve as a great natural after-shave. Simply shake up he bottle before you apply it to your face.

Natural Massage
It’s great for stress relief on the hands and feet.

Apple Cider Vinegar is indeed one of the best natural companions that you have in your home. Make sure that you speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can include it in your diet for good health. Speak with a Homeopath too, and learn how herbal remedies are indeed the best.