Sleep is extremely essential for a child’s physical and mental development. Therefore, it is important that they get the right amount of sleep in their growing years. Getting kids to bed and getting them to stay there can be a tough game, however, you have to learn how to do it right and get a sense of discipline into their schedules to ensure that they get the right amount of sleep.

Children who are sleep deprived chronically are more likely to develop behavioral problems, they will experience difficulties in paying attention, will tend to become extremely hyper active and it could also lead to obesity.

It may not be an easy task, but you have to persuade your child into getting the right amount of sleep. You have to start developing good sleep habits. You should work on a bedtime routine that works towards putting your child to bed, in a calm and peaceful manner. This will allow your child to fall asleep, stay asleep and awaken refreshed. When you child knows what time is bedtime, putting them to bed should not be a problem as well.

So, start working on a routine that is comfortable with your lifestyle and your family as well.

Sleep should be a family priority
There should be a regular go to bedtime for every one in the family; in fact, it should be followed even on weekends. If your child is able to fall asleep in 15 – 30 mins of hitting the bed, wakes up fresh as a daisy and does not fall asleep in the middle of the day, it means that they are getting the right amount of sleep.

Learn to tackle deal with sleep difficulties
If you are looking for sleep struggles, they include: awakenings in the nighttime, snoring, difficulty in falling asleep, heavy or loud breathing during sleep time or stalling and resisting to go to bed. Sleep difficulties can manifest themselves in the daytime as well. If you notice that your child is cranky, overtired or sleepy during the day, it means that you need to address the issue with your health care practitioner.

There may be some causes attached to sleep difficulties like adenoids and your health practitioner can easily detect large tonsils and these during a routine examination.

Teamwork is important
It is important that the sleep strategy that is put together suits your partner too. If your child is old enough and you are planning on make some changes to the schedule, be sure that she is made part of the process and understand why the change is taking place.

Stick to a Routine
Children love routine; in fact if they are taught from the very beginning how to follow a routine, they can indeed thrive on it and benefit from it as well. A consistent nighttime routine can help solve a number of problems.

Bedtime snacks
Children need more than just three meals through the day. A bedtime snack is a good way to ensure that they remain full through the night. However, be sure to work on some easy and healthy bedtime snacks for your children.

Room temperature and clothes
It is a known fact that is easier to fall asleep in a room that is cool. So, make sure that the temperatures are cool. Also, ensure that they are dressed optimally for a good nights sleep. Think about what you would wear, but do remember that kids tend to remove their covers during the night as well.

Sleep environment
Create a conducive environment for sleeping, keep the room dark and noise levels to a minimum. If your child is not comfortable with a totally dark room, try and have a small light within the room or simply keep the light in the hallway on and keep the door open.

Security object
Find an item that your child finds comfort in. Bedtime means separation for your child, so try and find a object like a teddy bear or a blanket or a doll that your child can find comfort in.

One last thing
Children do not like going to bed and therefore they can get inventive and keep asking you for small things like hugs, kisses, some water, they might want to go to the bathroom and they may want you to read, just one more book. So, plan ahead and include all these little things into their sleep routine.

Don’t give in to his demands, one more story has to be tackled with and you cannot just give in to it, learn how to let them down, so that they are not disappointed too much.

It is important that you check with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist about foods that can help keep your child in good shape and deal with sleep difficulties. You could also speak with a homeopath and look for natural alternatives that help provide good health and sound sleep.