Last November – December, I heard that my daughter was suffering from schizophrenia, at least that is what her psychiatrist told us. But today, my daughter is no more mentally ill. She is holding her job for 6 months now, can smile like any young woman, and can offer her intellectual opinions about anything. And she will go back to school in September to finish her University degree.

When I first heard the word ‘schizophrenia’ as the diagnosis for my daughter, I did not know how to digest it. The worst of the worst illness or condition with the horrible stigma attached in our society! A world I thought I would never be part of. Unimaginable! We went thru the traditional treatment as anyone would, not knowing anything better, and we were totally completely incredibly unprepared. Our psychiatrist directed us to the Schizophrenia society. When I called the society hotline, the person on the other line said there was no cure for the illness. She said I should join them for support. I could not accept that there was no cure for my daughter and that she would have to be on medication for life.

For Life!!!

But she is so young. I blamed myself, I blamed the world, I googled to death… I had to search for the cure for my daughter. I could not give up.
My lead to Dr. Hermeet was thru the message board Elizabeth left on the EMP from one of many sleepless nights digging thru various internet sites in search of answers. She wrote that she was selling the rest of her EMP products, because she was CURED. She had schizoaffective disorder. Elizabeth heard of Dr. Hermeet at a supermarket.

By this time, I was struggling to learn to survive a new distorted life with my daughter for about a year with no success. I spent money like I had no limit, but with no success. I tried both homeopathic and naturopathic treatments. I gave my 110% belief and trust to every step that I took. I could never give up hope. There has to be a way to bring my daughter to be healthy again. I followed thru Dr. Hermeet’s protocol.
After about 9 months with Dr. Hermeet, I got my daughter back. My daughter is smiling again, is alert about the world, and is full of hopes and dreams for her life. But I actually saw the sign of hope about 6 weeks into the treatment with his protocol that includes homeopathy, mega vitamins, and other psychosocial instructions.

Dr. Hermeet is unbelievable. Not only that he “cured” schizophrenia condition of my daughter, but also he is extremely personable and understanding. We never met in person, but in Skype sessions. He and I would text to each other even at his midnight in Ontario during many critical times of my daughter’s manic episodes. He helped me when I was not even his patient yet, trying to control my daughter’s madness. He is the only selfless doctor I would ever know. But not only that, most importantly he is extremely competent in what he does.

Today I learned that mental illness is basically caused by digestive issues. Dr. Hermeet dealt with my daughter’s various digestive issues, including gluten. I know she still has to be careful about what she eats and how she digests food, but she has made a phenomenal progress in just 9 months.

I feel blessed that I got to know him.