One of the biggest misconceptions people have about dieting and weight loss is they do not have to exercise. They can simply cut back on their food intake, try to eat heathier and they will lose weight. While this might be true to some extent, what they do not realize is the weight they are losing is actually muscle mass, not fat.

Fat does not get burned unless you exercise, so simply changing your eating habits will not help you get the body you desire. Rather, as the muscles start to lose mass, you notice a decline in your overall energy levels and your ability to perform various tasks.

Another mistake people make when dieting is cutting out meals and snacks and only eating once a day. When you eliminate meals and snacks from your daily caloric intake, you are essentially starving your body. Initially, you might notice some weight loss, but that is short lived and before you know it, you start gaining more weight.

There are several reasons why you tend to gain weight when you only eat once a day. First, since this is you only meal of the day, your body stores most of what you eat as fat, since it does not know when it will get more food. Next, most people tend to eat much larger portions when they eat only one meal, meaning they actually eat more food, than if they had continued to eat several meals and snacks throughout the day.

Plus, depending on what time you eat your only meal of the day, it takes your body much longer to digest the food because your metabolism rate has slowed. If it is within three to four hours of you going to sleep, even more food is converted and stored away as fat, as none of the food is being burned as energy.

The Right Way to Lose Weight and Diet

The correct way to lose weight and diet is to adjust your eating habits and include some form of daily exercise. Ideally, you should eat at least three small meals and two snacks throughout the entire day, as well as drink plenty of water. The goal is to consume smaller portions of food every two to three hours throughout the day, rather than a single big meal in the evening.

For your meals and snacks, it is recommended to use portion control and actually measure out or weigh your portions based upon the suggested serving sizes. This ensures you are eating the right amounts and not overeating. It also does not hurt to take vitamins and other supplements you obtained from a registered homeopath in Mississauga.

Your daily exercise can be accomplished doing a wide range of different things. You do not need a health club membership, either. Walking and jogging are both great cardio exercises you can do. Another option is to walk up and down stairs. Ideally, you want to try to exercise for about 30 minutes each day.

In addition, you can pick up some small weights and use these to help strengthen your arms and upper body. What most people do is alternate their cardio exercise and weight exercises every other day. This way, they are allowing the body time to adjust and rest for those areas they worked out on the previous day.

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