Depression is common today, and more often than not, the problem tends to go undiagnosed as most people are too afraid to bring it to anybody’s attention. Most people who do take action will speak with the General Health Practitioner who in most cases would advise drug therapy, which could be avoided in the first place.

There are few ways in which you could avoid becoming a victim of depression and fighting it, and you could and should do it naturally! Here’s how:

Vitamin B-3
Niacin is Vitamin B3. It can reduce anxiety and depression to a great extent.

Give in to detoxification
The human body is exposed to more than thousands of chemicals daily. There are a host of unwanted chemicals that enter your body and need to be eliminated to keep you healthy. Some of them get trapped and could lead to problems such as depression. Giving in to a detoxification program could help you cleanse your system and help you find peace.

The happy hormone serotonin is made with the help of Tryptophan, without which serotonin cannot be produced. The body cannot produce this compound by itself and needs help. It needs to be included in one’s diet and could be done so with the help of the healthy banana that is extremely rich in tryptophan.

Serotonin helps calm the mind, helps one relax and also promotes sleepiness, so if you can get this naturally, why use drugs that work towards the same end goal.

Nuts and seeds
Tryptophan is found in nuts and seeds and therefore helps the brain secrete serotonin, which works wonders in fighting depression.

Do not let depression and anxiety get the better of you. It all starts with a proper diet, and when you do feel that this illness is getting a hold of your life or the life of anyone around you, switch to a healthy diet that helps pump your body with feel-good hormones that will surely help fight depression away.

Make an appointment with Hermeet Singh Suri (HOM, BSc., RHN, Epigeneticist) at The Homeopathic Plus Centre and learn how many more naturally occurring ingredients can help you fight depression and stay happy.