I had a blockage in my nose and my doctor had told me that I should get an operation. The operation consisted of shaping and removal of some bone. Since then I would get up with burning eyes everyday at 6 am. I would get a pain in my forehead daily. I have been losing weight no matter how much I ate. I felt weak and tired after work, with back and head pains. I started to get white powderish residue on my lip, and felt feverish most of the time. My throat remained dry all the time and I could not touch my nose at it would pain. My doctor gave me pain killers and anti-inflammatory. I used them for 1 month without any results. After I went back to my doctor he said I should have antibiotics etc. I did not feel this was a solution so I considered an alternate method. I found The Homeopathic Plus Centre online. I made a call and asked to see the Doctor the same day, even though they need a 24 hrs window. The Dr. Suri must have felt the urgency in my voice and decided to see me.
After my consultation I was given 2 remedies. I called back after 1 month to let the doctor know that everything is better, I have more energy and I am walking back and forth to work 40 minute walk without getting tired. All my ailments were gone. I feel great. Thank you Dr. Suri.

Kirandeep Kaur