Good food and good health go hand in and hand and there never has been a better pairing than that. You are what you eat and if you eat beautiful and healthy foods, you can be assured of one thing that you will have a life that is filled with all the energy you can possibly need. There are a number of great power foods out there, and often recognizing them is the key to great health.

Today, we discuss a few powerful pairings that will help you fight illnesses, look young and even feel great. So, read on to learn what you can pair up for a ripe interior and fabulous exterior. These pairs simply offer an additional nutritional punch and offer you a touch more that what you need to just keep going.

Lower Cancer Risk
Perfect Pair: Raspberries and Apples

The antioxidant known as ellagic acid that is found in pomegranates, walnuts, cranberries and raspberries when coupled with quercetin, which is an antioxidant commonly found in onions, grapes, apples and buckwheat, is known to kill cancerous cells.

In fact you do not need to stick to just apples and raspberries. You can pick a few from each category and mix them up to lower your risk of caner. Simply make a scrumptious desert and since they are rich in so many antioxidants, your overall health and skin will benefit too.

Protect your Heart
Perfect Pair: Broccoli and Soba Noodles

You are probably already aware what happens when bad LDL particles oxidize – well, they form plaque in the arteries, leaving you at a higher risk of heart disease. Antioxidants help fight this plaque formation. Vitamin C and Antioxidants Rutin is a great pair to fight heart disease by stopping LDL oxidation. Rutin is found in buckwheat, very commonly used in Japanese food, one can easily find it in Japanese pasta available at grocery stores in the international foods section. Vitamin C is easily found in a host of fruits and vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, lemon and many more.

For a delicious helping of this great pair, you can simply make soba noodles with some chicken and a pick of vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C.

Energy that lasts all day!
Perfect Pair: Chickpeas and Onions

Sulfur compounds that are found in garlics, leeks and onions help absorb more zinc and iron compounds from legumes and grains, that include chickpeas as well. Iron in one’s body is responsible for transporting oxygen in the body and with lack of oxygen flow in the body, one can experience fatigue and brain fog as well.

The combination is indeed simple to make, you can use chickpeas, onions and garlic and cook them together to make a soothing soup.

Treat Inflammation
Perfect Pair: Jalapeños ad Tofu

Genistein, an isoflavone, which has disease fighting properties is found in a number of soy foods (tofu and edamame) and capsaicin, an antioxidant found in chili peppers and jalapenos when coupled together are known to tame inflammation. Chronic inflammation in the body can cause cancer and heart disease. In fact capsaicin also helps reduce blood pressure levels making it a heart healthy antioxidant.

This is a great diet for vegetarians. Simply stir-fry some tofu with some green vegetables and some minced jalapeno. It tastes great and it will be a little spicy so be prepared.

More Antioxidants
Perfect Pair: Lemon and Green Tea

Green tea contains a very powerful antioxidant known as Catechins. A squeeze of lemon, lime and even grapefruits allows the catechins to remain intact in the digestive system, allowing it to be absorbed by the body better.

You could simply choose to make this a habit by preparing a pitcher of iced tea in the morning and sipping it all day. Don’t forget the generous squeeze of one wholesome lemon and some fresh mint for an extra zing.

Fight PMS symptoms
Perfect Pair: Sesame Seeds and Salmon

Women who have a high intake of calcium and Vitamin D are known to fight PMS Symptoms better. When you visit the supermarket to buy fish, make sure that you pick up wild pacific salmon as apposed to other varieties. Just half a can is enough to provide you with your daily requirement of Vitamin D. While calcium can be found in dairy produce, you can also seek for calcium in green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds and almonds.

Make salmon burgers, and make sure your some sesame seeds into the recipe too. A glass of milk works like a charm and serves as an additional source of calcium.

There are a number of other great pairs that help boost energy and help you achieve good health. Speak with your holistic health practitioner and he will create a holistic nutrition plan for you by pairing some of the best foods depending on your lifestyle, your body’s requirements and overall health so that you can live well.