Have you ever had someone tell you to stay calm and just breathe when you have a wave of anxiety slide over you? Tightness in the chest, palpitations, difficulty in breathing, a racing heartbeat are all signs of being anxious.

If you do wish to get away from this anxiety, there are indeed things that you can do. Below listed are a few ideas that may help.

Be anxious – it’s okay!
Accept for yourself first that you are feeling anxious. Once you have accepted the fact, that this is your body’s natural way of reacting, it will be easier for you to think logically and take control of the situation quicker.

Listen to your thoughts, figure out a solution
In an anxious state your mind tends to race towards the worst case scenario. Ask yourself when you feel anxious about a certain thing, will it be the end of the world, is there a way out, will you care about this situation a year from now? When you ask yourself these questions, you can calm yourself down and find a solution to your problems with relative ease.

Meditate or visualize
Practice some visualization or meditation when you can. Find something on youtube, or download a powerful audio tape online and listen it to while you are driving, it will help you stay calm. Meditate when you can find a few moments of peace for yourself. If meditation does not work for you, put on some music, and try and match the beating of your heart to the pace of the song.

Tickle your funny bone
One of the best ways to overcome anxiety is to give in to something funny. Watching a show on television or read something funny, call one of your friends who is known for their wit and laugh out loud – this will help you keep anxiety at bay.

Exercising regularly can help relieve stress. A quick run around the neighborhood, a few minutes on the tread mill or even a dance class can do your anxiety levels great good.

The food you eat may be causing high anxiety levels as well. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can combat this through natural means.