Everyone longs for skin that is flawless, silky smooth and keeps looking young forever and ever. There are a few habits that can help with keeping your skin young, and then there are others that will simply start drying up your skin and make you look old. Keeping your skin healthy is in your hands.



Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it needs to be hydrated properly and constantly to function properly. When skin does not receive adequate hydration, you will note that you start suffering from breakouts, acne, wrinkles, and your skin starts becoming dry and flaky. However, it’s not about just drinking water, you need to drink quality water. Tap water is not he ideal source as in most cases chlorine is added to city water and it kills flora on contact.

Choose to drink natural spring water or bottled water to keep your skin glowing.


With technology surrounding us, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve quality sleep. A few of us tend to fall asleep while watching television and this does not release sufficient melatonin and your body is prevented from getting the restorative rest that it needs to repair cells that have been damaged and wipe away wrinkles.

Stress too can contribute towards unhealthy skin as stress leads to increasing cortisol and makes your skin age quickly. So give your body and mind some rest and see a change in your skin.



What you eat can adversely or positively affect your skin. Include superfoods in your diet like maca. These adaptogenic foods are secret weapons that help your skin shine through the stressful lives you lead.

Cut down on sugary foods, choose the right fats and include superherbs in your diet to find skin that


Speak with a registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can achieve healthy glowing skin the natural way.