There are a number of benefits to ensuring that your teeth stay white. Following a hygienic and disciplined oral care approach is important, but making a few more efforts, can also help you keep your teeth looking bright and white.

White as apposed to yellowing teeth can make one feel awkward in social situations, you are perceived as more interesting if you have white teeth, people tend to be more attracted to you and you also look and feel better.

Whitening products available in the market however, can be quiet expensive, in fact even going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened can be a very expensive process, instead choose to pick alternatives that can help you keep your teeth white.

However, it is also important that you understand, what it is that is causing the stains and yellowing of your teeth in the first place. A few common culprits include coffee and tea. Bacteria that gets left behind in your mouth too, can grow and become plaque and cause stains that could be green or orange. With the onset of tooth decay, and therefore following a disciplined dental care regimen is extremely important. There are a host of other reasons, and it is important that you understand the reason why, and start eating the right foods to keep your teeth white and shiny.

The foods mentioned below may not reverse the stains that are already there, but once you have them whitened, choosing these foods can help you keep the shine on for a long time.

Green Tea
Green Tea will not stain your gums or teeth and over and above that it has a host of health benefits that you can use to your advantage.

Fruits are known to be the best natural way to keep your teeth white. Lemon Juice, orange peels and strawberries are high on the list. All of these are known to have acids and enzymes that work towards breaking down stains on your teeth. Too much acid can destroy enamel, so makes sure that your natural treatment is quickly followed with a glass of water. Apple too, with its malic acid content, can help prevent yellowing of teeth by increasing saliva, which helps remove stains and keeps teeth clean.

Pineapple has a host of health benefits and when you make it a regular part of your diet, it can help keep your teeth, white too.
Shiitake Mushrooms
Including shiitake mushrooms in your diet can help you reduce plaque based stains on your teeth.

Add brocolli to your diet, not only to take in their health benefits but also to help keep your white. The iron content, helps create an acid resistant layer, which helps prevent wear and tear of teeth.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist if you wish to include foods in your diet that can help keep your teeth white. You could also speak with a Homeopath who can help you with natural and herbal methods for preventing stains.