You will be amazed to know, that when you smell and see food that you are about to start eating, digestive juices are activated and are ready to take on what is coming.

That said, why not make every meal you eat, a visual treat. Let’s start with the first of the day. A smoothie in an all new avatar, a smoothie bowl – great for the eyes and great for the tummy.

Go Green
Frozen pineapple, with some frozen banana, blended in with a cup of ice, coconut milk, some mint, healthy kale leaves (be sure to remove the stems) come together for the ideal breakfast treat in a bowl. Make sure to top it up with your favorite seasonal fruits and some chia seeds.

Go Bananas with Coconut
Take 2 frozen bananas, half a cup of coconut, cashew or almond milk, 1 cup of ice and you have the perfect recipe of healthy goodness! Top it up with seasonal fruits, cookies, shredded coconut and some granola.

Dragon Fruit for breakfast
Start your day like a fiery dragon with this amazing treat. Get some frozen pitaya puree, add in 1 – 2 frozen bananas, get some frozen berries in to the mix and blend it in to a smooth mix with coconut or almond milk. Top it up with your favorite seasonal fruits and dry fruits!