You may not notice it right at once, but stress can honestly have adverse effects on your health. There are many ways to deal with stress to ensure that they do not become a chronic problem. One of the simplest ways is to adopt the benefits of herbal teas. The therapeutic components found in tea offer a great way to nourish your nervous system so that stress cannot get the better of you.

A few teas that you could choose to make part of your life are listed below for good health:

Matricaria Recutita – Chamomile
If you suffer from IBS type of symptoms, chamomile is indeed the ideal tea for you. To ensure that our digestive system is working fine our nervous system needs to be in check. Chamomile helps relax the nervous system, which helps provide proper digestion.

Passiflora incarnata – Passionflower
Leaves of the Passionflower Plant are used as medicine. That’s were the healing properties are concentrated. It is one of the safest, gentle and effective methods to treat stress. It has some sedative properties and is excellent to use as a remedy for insomnia. It helps offer relief from headaches, improve one’s mood and also relieves restlessness.

Avena Sativa – Oats
Oats tend to be a herb that helps support the nervous system. They are used to treat an array of issues like anxiety, depression and insomnia. The aerial plants, before they flower are used for their medicinal benefits. They are prescribed for fatigue, stress and nervous exhaustion. It is rich in minerals of Zinc, B Vitamins, Manganese and Calcium.

Eschscholzia californica – California Poppy
Known to relax the nervous system effectively, it helps to offer a gentle sense of calm. It helps reduce spasm, and also acts as a pain reliever.

To maximum healing and to use these substances properly contact a Homeopath or Nutritionist, they are qualified to prescribe the proper use and dosage for each person based on age, sex and health conditions.