Let’s face it; ageing is an inevitable process. Sooner or later signs of growing old are not only start showing by way of us getting slower and more tired, but they are going to show on our skin, we will lose our glow, wrinkles will start dominating our appearance, and we will start feeling old.

However, there are ways in which one can slow down if not avoid this process altogether. It all starts with the mind. People who feel forever young will always tend to look more radiant and will have a happy glow surrounding them. However, this is not enough, and if we do indeed want to keep looking youthful, even as we age, we have to take measures to look at it.

A few tips below can help:


Sleep is essential when it comes to rebuilding, repairing and recuperating the body. Restorative and restful sleep can be truly beneficial to our overall well-being. If we do wish to restore harmony to our life, choose a lifestyle that allows one to go to bed before midnight and allow ourselves at least seven hours of restorative and restful sleep.


We need to revitalize our senses, especially given the highly stressful and hectic lives that we lead. One has to take time out especially to relax and unwind. Give ourselves some downtime and make meditation a part of our routine to relax mind body and soul. Take a walk in nature, disconnect from digital devices, breathe, listen to calming music and maybe indulge in hobbies that are calming.


Every organ, cell and tissue in the body needs water to function correctly. If we are not drinking enough water, poor health is undoubtedly on the cards. Water helps in regulating body temperature; it helps lubricating joints, it helps in flushing out toxins from the body and helps to transport electrical signals and nutrients to the cells. Even if there is a drop of 5% of water in our body, one could experience a loss of energy of up to 30%. Stay hydrated, drink as much water as we can to stay healthy and look young.


One of the best ways in which we can slow down the process of ageing is through regular exercise. It helps ease stress levels; it stimulates lymphatic drainage, it tones muscles, aids sleep helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body and also helps we think clearly. It helps release endorphins in the body that help lift our mood significantly.

Eat right, keep our mind and body active, speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how we can adopt natural ways to keep looking young for longer.