We need to include more veggies in to our diet, for so many reasons. Yes, you may find a bunch of reason, why you should include them in your diet, but when you start weighing the benefits, you will note, that you definitely have to include it in your diet and fast. They may be difficult to prepare, they may cost more and they may not please your palate as well as a big juicy cheese burger would.

However, we cannot get the amount of vegetables we do need in a day from just two meals a day, therefore, we have to learn how to include these glorious treats in to our snacks as well to lead a full and healthy life.

Below listed are a few ideas, which will help you make snack time more nutritious.

Use Microherbs
Crackers and cheese dip is surely one of the best snacks. However, are you aware as to how you can make this more nutritious? It’s simple! Use microherbs. These help pack more of a punch that spinach and Swiss chard or green leaves too. All you have to do is simply sprinkle some in to your dip. The best part, you can grow them in your back yard.

Pesto with spinach or kale!
Choose to make your pesto dip with a base of kale or spinach. Since the other flavours of a pesto dip are so strong, you will barely notice the change. You can easily make it at home at barely any cost.

Yum! Cauliflower dip!
It’s super tasty and so simple to make. Steam up one head of cauliflower, add some cultured yoghurt, garlic, salt and lemon juice, voila! You have yourself a fabulous treat.

Hello Carrot Sticks!
Carrots and peanut butter, so, so yummy! Cut up some carrot, and mix it in with some peanut butter for buttery goodness. Be sure to pick pure peanut butter and not the one with added salts and fats.

Veggie Juice!
It’s the middle of the day, and you are hungry. Choose not to opt for the bag of chips, instead make yourself a tall glass of veggie juice and keep sipping on it. It’s simple, quick and super delicious if made well.

There are so many other ways to include these treats in your diet. You can speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn more or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how veggies are good for you.