It happens to the best of us, as we age, we tend to develop some amount of brain fog. However, just like our body, we can keep our mind sharp too with just a little amount of exercise. No products, no strict regiment required, just a few simple lifestyle tips can help keep your mind young and sharp for long.

Mind Workout
Keep your mind active, from time to time, make it a habit to practice games that stimulate the brain. Solve crossword puzzles and do memory exercises that will help you stress on verbal skills as well.

Brain Foods
Follow a diet that is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, antioxidants and low-glycemic index carbohydrates. These foods will indeed make your brain strong. Eat several meals, but small meal sin a day. Eating small meals all through the day will prevent a dip in blood glucose levels, as glucose is one of the main sources of energy for the brain.

Don’t Forget About Your Body
Physicalactivity helps your brain grow, it contributes to more white matter and also facilitates neuron connections. Brisk walking and stretching exercises should help.

Stress Levels
High levels of stress can lead to your body releasing cortisol, which is responsible for shrinking memory centers in your brain, and this could lead to a loss in memory. Meditate or get some physical exercise to relax and this will help you improve memory by keeping stress in check.

Iron is an essential mineral that helps neurotransmitters that are necessary for memory to function well.

Do one thing and one time
Reading a magazine while listening to the news will make it difficult for you to recall either information later. When you multi task, you brain switches to

Listening to the news while you read a magazine will impair your ability to recall either later. When you attend to multiple tasks, the brain switches processing to other regions and therefore is unable to retain more details. Do one thing at one time, to achieve maximum recollection.

Keep a check on your cholesterol levels. Plaque build up does not only affect your heart, but could also block blood vessels in the brain, depriving it of nutrients that are important for memory.

An apple a day can indeed help you keep the neurologist at bay. Apples are known to contain antioxidants that raise acetylcholine, which is a very important neurotransmitter for memory. In fact these antioxidants can also protect one’s brain from the attack of harmful radicals.

Meet with a Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods and supplements will indeed help delaying memory loss. Make them a part of your diet and keep your brain young for as long as you can. You will find a number of natural remedies in Homeopathy too that can help you keep your mind agile.