Are you aware of the impact that food makes to your mental state? Well, more often than not your mood is guided by the food you eat. If you find yourself feeling overly stressed often, you should indeed take a look at your diet and reconsider, removing a few stimulants and adding a few foods that can help you keep stress at bay.

Below mentioned are a few foods that you should consider including in your diet.

Asparagus is known to be high on folate, which help in keeping your mind at rest. You can eat them steamed, add them to your salad and cook them in ways that you like best.

It’s creamy, it’s tasty and it is so good for you. It is extremely rich in glutathione that helps avoid oxidative damage to your body. They also contains more folate than any other fruit along with many other essential vitamins like Vitamin E that are good for your mind. Avocados can be had in many ways and depending on how you like it best, you could enjoy it and keep your mind happy too.

Blueberries are known to have extremely high levels of antioxidant content and also bring to the table many positive effects to health. Almost all berries like that of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries have very high level of Vitamin C, which too is great for combating stress.

Cashews are rich in protein and fat, and are a great idea for those who are looking to lose weight, as they help satisfy your body’s cravings. It is important that you do not get carried away with these as they will have an adverse effect on your weight loss plans, considering the high calorie content. Low levels of zinc too can have an adverse effect on your mood, and when you include cashews in your diet, you will surely see a change in your state of mind as well.

Chamomile Tea
There is a lot of evidence to show that chamomile tea helps calms one mind. Try it before you go to bed, you will find the stress leaving your body and a sense of calm coming over you.

Chocolate probably helps elevate mood like nothing else in the world. Over and above it having a long list of antioxidants, it also is on the list of heart healthy foods. Dark chocolate especially helps lower blood pressure and also helps one feel more calm.

So, in case you have been experiencing anxiety pangs and feeling a little depressed, including these foods in your diet may be a good idea. Find out how you can tweak your diet with the help of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and you could also get in touch with a Homeopath to learn what the best remedies for good health and a calm mind are.