The funny thing is that compared to the yester years, life is extremely convenient today. However, we still do not seem to have the time to eat a proper meal, we are always running late to get to the office and hence have a measly breakfast, we have too many deadlines to meet at the office, and therefore, we tend to skip lunch sometimes, or east something fast, that may be super unhealthy. By the time we reach home, we are so hungry, that we pounce on our food and end up collecting calories that are not going to get burnt while we sleep.

So, how do we tailor our diet so that the body gets the requireed energy it needs to function well during the day, and ensure that it stays healthy too. It’s simple, the answer is to pack your self with small meals through out the day. But, the trick is to eat food that is healthy. Below mentioned are a few super snacks, that you can consume to stay in the pink of health always.

An apple a day, indeed keeps the doctor at bay. Make sure that you include this super snack in your diet and you will not be disappointed. The best part about apples is that you can carry it around with ease, leave it in your desk drawer at the office and go at it, when hunger pangs strike. Apples help regulate blood sugar levels and also help improve overall digestive health. A fresh juicy apple is delicious any time of the day, so make sure you always have a few apples handy.

While you may not be able to carry around an avocado in your bag, it is something that you should include in your diet, at the start of your day. Scoop it out and spread it on a slide of warm toast before you start a hectic day, and you will have enough energy to take you through at least half the day without feeling lathargic. Avocados contain the good fats that your body needs to stay healthy, it is also rich in potassium and protein that help in keeping your body healthy.

Berries they are super to eat and they pack a punch in terms of health absolutely anytime. Rich in antioxidants, fiber and a host of vitamins and minerals, you can simply carry them along in your bag in a small container to get your fill of energy as and when you need it. Choose from your favorite mix of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries.

Watermelon and Cucumber Juice
In the course of the day, you tend to get dehydrated and hungry as well, with this magical treat, you can meet both needs at once. Both watermelon and cucumber are high on water content and are packed with a host of nutrients. It’s easy to prepare, and if you have a blender at home, you can make it as and when you please!

Simply make a batch in the morning, pour it in to a thermos and sip it when you feel those thirst and hunger pangs through the day. Cucumbers offer you the Vitamin C, Potassium and Vitamin K that your body needs and watermelon offers you lycopene (antioxidant), Vitamin C and potassium as well.

Make sure that you have a mix of these handy and you can enjoy great health always. Be sure to get in touhc with a Regstered Holistic Nutritionist and also speak with a Homeopath, so that you can learn how to lead a natural and healthy life.