Daily wellbeing and your comfort heavily relies on the health of your gums and pearly whites. Tooth aches can get the better of you on a warm sunny day and leave you feeling restless and out of sorts. People tend to suffer from a range of dental issues that involve tooth decay, mouth ulcers, gum disease and bad breath even. Understanding oral health and keeping your mouth healthy can help reduce the effect of these dental issues.

We have made a list of a few Do’s and Don’ts that could go a long way in keeping your oral health in check.


Oil Pulling
This technique to superb oral health can be attributed to the goodness of Ayurveda. It may seem a little weird to push and pull around coconut oil in your mouth, but this time tested technique has proven benefits. People who believe in this tradition also use, sesame oil or sunflower oil to prevent bad oral odours, cracked lips, bleeding gums and other dental problems.

Clove Oil
In ancient medicine, cloves were used to treat a variety of infections because they are known to have a many antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It helps in the repair of gums that are receding and also helps treat damaged oral tissue. It helps cleanse out bacteria from cavities.

Apples are often referred to as nature’s tooth brush, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it also keeps the dentist away. This is definitely not an alternative to brushing your teeth, but biting in to an apple tends to give your teeth a good scrub. Biting in to this fruits helps stimulate your gums, prevents the prevalence of bacteria that cause cavities, increases the flow of saliva in your mouth, which helps reduce acidity, washes away food particles and hence prevents decay.


Acidic & Sugary Food
Try and avoid foods that are sugary and acidic. Doing so will strengthen your teeth and thus help fight cavities. Sugary foods contribute to tooth decay Bacteria that collect on your teeth to form plaque use sugar to sustain and grow.

Acidic food tend to weaken and soften teeth enamel. Therefore it is advised not to brush immediately after eating food that is acidic.

Oral products
Today, people use a host of oral products like mouthwash and toothpaste that are filled harmful chemicals. These could further cause bad oral health. Choose organic products or go natural when it comes to tooth health.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can choose a natural way to strong and healthy gums and teeth.