There has been a strong association between anxiety and heart disorder, and in fact, it may often not just be the cause, but could cause obstructions in recovery as well.

Reactions in both cases, when one has suffered a heart attack or one is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder, it is indeed quiet similar.

1) You are in a state of shock and think twice about doing anything that you were used to doing.
2) The life-threatening event will haunt you and you will often be tempted to avoid the place or the situation that you were in when the attack occurred.
3) You may experience sleeplessness because you are constantly anxious.
4) You may also develop a negative outlook towards life.

How anxiety affects the heart
When someone experiences anxiety, the body tends to react in a way, that exerts more stress on one’s heart. For those who already have cardiac problems could experience more problems, physically. The association of anxiety and heart disorder can be associated with the following cardiac risk factors and heart disorders:

1) Tachycardia or Rapid Heart Rate: In the case of serious anxiety, it could intervene with the normal functioning of one’s heart an also lead to a sudden cardiac arrest.

2) Increase in Blood Pressure: Increased anxiety could lead to weakening of the heart muscle, coronary disease and also heart failure.

Heart Attack recovery and anxiety
There is a lot of uncertainty and fear associated with anxiety disorders. If this tends to affect the treatment that the heart patient is following towards recovery, then it could affect recovery.

An Anxiety disorder can affect a patient in the following ways:

1) One will be unable to stick to a prescribed exercise regimen, which is essential
2) Medicines will not be taken in a prescribed manner
3) Heart Healthy diet will not be adhered to
4) Sleep may be affected
5) Forming bonds with friend and family may be difficult to do again
6) Problems may also be experienced on the job front

Anxiety Disorders
It is important that one understands the kind of anxiety disorder that one suffers from in order to take appropriate action:

Panic Disorder:  When one is suffering from a panic disorder, it can often be misconstrued as a heart attack. A panic attack manifests itself in the form of dizziness, stomach discomfort, chest pains, rapid heart rate and shortness of breath.

PSTD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: This is a condition that could often take place when one has experienced a life altering event such as a heart attack, was part of a violent crime, or has been in an accident. In such a situation, people may experience trouble while associating with events that were a reason for the incident. People may showcase feelings of detachment and jitteriness.

Today, it has become very essential that people are aware of what anxiety disorders can do to you and therefore, one needs to take appropriate measures to keep one’s heart healthy. Do not take stress, speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods can help you stay in the pink of health and keep anxiety at bay. A Homeopath too can help you with natural treatment for anxiety to keep your heart in a healthy condition.