Let’s face it, you have to give up on losing weight during the holidays. When this time of the year comes around, all you want to do is pig out and eat the yummiest treats that are all around the place. The holidays too are a time when you can tend to feel a little bit out of sorts, and here we offer you a few tips, that can help you enjoy yourself and stay happy and healthy during the holiday season.

Water is indeed the best way to keep your mind, body and soul in check. Ideally the amount of water that you should consume is half your body weight in ounces. You will note that you feel great and don’t have unnecessary cravings too. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times can really help.

Get Your Calories from Filling Foods
Choose to consume filling and nutritious foods like meat and vegetables instead of choosing high caloric sweet treats. Eating sugar will only make you want to consume more sugar as it will increase your sugar carvings. Eat food that is tasty and healthy too and helps you fill up your tummy without adding to additional cravings.


Make sure that you get your daily dose of exercise, and this does not have to be strenuous work outs, you can get your bit, by simply walking around the block for about half an hour a day.

Make sure that you get the rest that you need. Sleep deprivation can cause you to reach for food to gain energy that you may seem missing.

Hug a lot
Oxytocin, a bonding hormone is released every time you hug someone, and it can make you feel really good. Some people feel the need to eat when they want to feel loved, hugging can indeed replace your need to eat.

Press Play
The festive season is a great time to get together with the family and indulge in some activities. Get playing, organize a theme party, get everyone to dress up and play some games that require to move around a lot. This way, you can work off the excessive treats that you have been consuming.

The holiday season is here, and it is time to let go and have a blast. These times can get difficult to manage if you feel depressed and feel stuffed all the time, this feeling will not allow you to enjoy yourself to the fullest, so pay close attention to what you eat. Speaking with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist will help you identify foods that will keep you bright and shiny and not feel stuffed. You could also speak with a Homeopath to learn about ways in which you can take care of your diet, naturally.