For all of us, all over the world, the word diet seems extremely daunting. The very idea of changing the way you eat can turn your world upside down. But, believe it or not, taking care of what you eat can do a whole lot of good to your health.

However, it is important to remember, that crash diets do not work, you can slip anytime. Slow change is good, it works towards changing you eating habits in the long term.

A few ideas that can make your diet healthy and interesting are listed below:

Add some color to your plate!
Color indicates that foods are high in nutrients. Purple denotes that the food is rich in anthocyanin, which is great for heart health. Carotene found in carrots and pumpkins is an antioxidant that our bodies use to make Vitamin A.

When you add color to your plate you ensure that you are eating healthy by including a range of fruits and vegetables that are good for you.

Drink your way to good health by including juices in your diet. It is indeed the ultimate liquid vitamin, which delivers readily absorbable nutrients in to the cells of your body.

Fill up with green vegetable juices, it is indeed a great way to stay healthy.

Keep your protein portions to your palm
While certain health diets and training programs may require you to keep protein portions high. A normal individual should eat only palm-sized portions of protein for good health.

Go Nuts
A good dose of nuts every day helps in enhancing cardiovascular disease and also helps in the prevention of many chronic disease. They make for a good source of vegan protein. Nut eaters find it easier to maintain weight. Nuts are high in calories, so if you are not very active, be sure that your nut intake is limited.

Go Vegetarian
A vegetarian diet can indeed to great good as it offers balanced nutrition. You can’t do better than a bunch of vegetables, so try and choose a vegetarian meals as often as you can to stay healthy.

Drink lots of water
When you feel thirsty, choose to drink water instead of reaching for that cola nearby. Water helps in detoxification and also helps in energy production. Also, sometimes if you are dehydrated, your body could think its hungry, so feed it some water first.

Sleep well
Disruptive sleep cycles can affect your metabolism. People who are sleep deprived are at a higher risk of gaining weight and developing chronic disease. When we’re tired we’re further tempted towards caffeinated beverages, sugary foods as we are looking for that instant hit.

Eat breakfast
Eating a healthy breakfast helps enhance concentration, memory, weight control and nutrient intake.

Change your diet and change your life. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or Homeopath how you can choose the natural way to good health.