A number of people all across the world suffer from this common respiratory condition called asthma. While it is acute in certain cases, in other cases, it could definitely be treated at an early stage. A person suffering from asthma finds it difficult to breathe because bronchial tubes become narrow. Symptoms manifest themselves in the form of tightness of chest, wheezing and shortness of breath. These symptoms come to the fore when the body has to work a little harder, like walking quickly, running or climbing upstairs.

There are a number of things that can be a trigger of a asthma attack – house dust, exposure to cat, dog or horse hair. People who suffer from a fever may experience asthma like symptoms. It is important to learn what the cause of the asthma is so that the proper treatment can be prescribed. Often there could be a family history like hay fever or eczema that could cause the condition.
Conventional treatment
From steroid inhalers to Bronchodilator inhalers to other prescription drugs, there are lots of conventional treatments available in the market. All of them help treat the conditions reasonably. Some people may avoid using these as they could have some side effects. Homeopathy has a few options to treat asthma.

Homeopathic treatment
Homeopathy can be used at various stages to treat the ailment. However, it is important to understand fully the condition of the patient. Not only the physical symptoms, but also studying the person’s psyche is important.

Blatta orientalis 
Don’t let it freak you out, the Blatta orientalis is a large dark oriental cockroach. This species of cockroaches are mostly active and night and live in damp places. Asthma sufferers who benefit from this remedy, are incidentally those who complain when they are exposed to damp and moldy environments. They may also be allergic to sensitive to mildew, rotting leaves and molds. A combination of obesity and asthma may be an indication of this treatment.

In case asthma is accompanied by vomiting or nausea this treatment may be helpful. These patients suffer from constant cough with vomiting and gagging. The symptoms are worst in warm humid weather and the patient’s chest may rattle. Their hands and legs perspire profusely. Prompt medical treatment should be sought when a person complains of these Symptoms.

Lobelia inflata
Lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco) is derived from a common American plant that has small blue flowers and inflated blue capsules. Patients who are prescribed this medication have a sensation of constriction or a lump in their chest. It could also help those who may experience an asthma attack during labor. Cold or damp conditions or drafts may make the condition worse. Slow breathing helps and so does rapid walking helps in this case.

Antimonium tartaricum
This remedy is useful in children and elderly, especially when the asthma occurs in combination with a lot of mucus. The mucous causes a rattling noise when breathing in or out. The patient may seem irritable and may respond well to being fanned. Other symptoms like breathlessness caused in the heat or while lying down could be an indicator for the need of this treatment.

Speak with a Homeopath or a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can treat this problem naturally.