Eating healthier does not mean emptying out your pockets and pantry completely. If you do wish to eat healthier and switch to a lifestyle that promises a good life, you should consider the following items to include in your diet. This way you would be splurging a little bit and would not feel so bad about it, because results will show.

First, how should you choose the item that suits you and your pocket best:

1. Versatility: Choose something that can be included in a variety of dishes
2. Nutrition: Spend money only on something that packs you with nutrition
3. Healthy alternatives: There may be a host of items that you may want to indulge in, however, choose the healthier alternatives to those, so that you can devour them guiltfree.
4. Environment Check: Be responsible and source foods that are organic and not harsh on the environment
5. Digestion: Choose foods that are easy to digest and do not play havoc with your system.

Protein Powder
A balanced meal cannot be replaced with anything. When you tend to get hungry soon after you have had a hearty meal, chances are that you have skipped on enough protein. Consuming proteins naturally is a good idea, however, if you do not have the time to create a diet plan that allows you to do so, you can always choose to include some protein powders in your daily smoothies.

Probiotics and Fermented Foods
You have to treat the gut well, if you do not, it could lead to a myriad digestion and health problems, that could leave you feeling listless, unhealthy and in bad shape. Probiotics are essential for health boosting bacteria that helps promote health in humans and helps with overall wellness. Fermented foods are the main source of these probiotics. They also include amino 3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes many vitamins. Foods to include are: Saurkraut, kimchi, kombucha, miso and coconut yogurt.

You should speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can make healthy food choices that are natural and not a strain on your pocket too.